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2022 Kuroko Award

Kuroko ‘Behind the Scenes’ Recognition

The term Kuroko” (literal translation: black child//black clothes) is used in reference to the stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, dressed all in black so as to appear invisible.  They move about in kabuki and noh stages much as a stealthy ninja at night. They may even hold props or move scenery, but are rarely apparent on stage.

Each year at our General Membership Gathering, the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce (HJCC) recognizes members that have continued to support the organization in many ways “behind the scenes”.  The selection committee is the office staff who interacts directly with our members.

Congratulations to the 2022 Kuroko Award honoree:

Craig Hirasaki

Craig Hirasaki

Owner / Creative Director
ConnectWorks Group Hawaii
Member Since 2017